You take care of your patients and we take care of business!

puzzle people sizedWith over 25 years of medical billing and practice management experience, we have worked with more than 1000 practices across the country. We stay abreast of ongoing regulatory changes and meet with local and national carriers in order to pass on valuable information to clients. And, our team does 100% of the work. We are always just a quick phone call away to answer questions and help solve problems. Everything stays within our office — unlike some billing companies who contract their work to third-party vendors overseas.You  can  and should achieve an appropriate reimbursement level that meets your needs. You will receive financial expertise compbined with clinical and administrative expertise in order to provide ongoing solutions in every aspect of billing service.While we cannot make payment guarantees:

    • You will most likely realize a significant increase in appropriate reimbursements and/or receivables performance.
    • Your contract will be customized to meet your needs and preferences.
    • You will have experienced employees dedicated specifically to coding services.
    • You will have experienced employees dedicated specifically to billing services resulting in increased collection rates
    • You will spend less money because we have already invested for you — our employees have access to most computer medical billing systems and software programs.
    • You will be up to date with technology due to our access to IT vendors and systems
    • You will benefit from  regular monitoring of industry,
    • regulatory, and legislative changes.
    • You will have audit defense.
    • You will know whats going on through custom and regular reports
    • You will be able to relax a little more knowing you are in good hands.


Consider These Tips When Searching For A Medical Billing Company

Choose a company that:

    • Has expertise in your specialty.shaking hands
    • Understands the need for thorough documentation and compliance.
    • Has a track record of increasing revenue for medical practices.
    • Has access to state-of-the-art electronic claims submission software.
    • Has staff dedicated to your account.
    • Understands the importance of creating and analyzing benchmark data.
    • Understands compliance standards and the audit process.
    • Can provide you with quick turnaround of your funds.
    • Can provide you with an annual review of coding.
    • Has access to up-to-the-minute regulatory updates.