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Practice Hospital Audits – Reduce your expense with Neltner

subImg7Neltner billing and consulting provides a very critical component of oncology consulting. We audit your coding levels, your medical needs and your other practices and keep you trouble free and help you pass medicare audits with ease. the practice of oncology exposes the doctor to a lot of risks associated with incomplete or scant medical needs, level of care issues and coding conundrums. Neltner experts help you sleep at night.

Hospital Billing

investor-fundingNeltner provides a end of a kind service to the oncology departments of hospitals by providing a state of the art revenue cycle management service. We help hospitals outsource oncology coding and charge entry where an expert oncology coder will key off the doctor’s flow sheet. We will then post payments as they get collected and follow up on unpaid A/R claims. This process helps hospitals concentrate on providing excellent care to oncology patients while not missing a beat in billing and collecting for their services.

Physician Billing Services


We are committed to helping you take more money home. Whether you’re a solo practitioner, in a hospital or university setting, or seeking to establish a joint venture, Neltner Billing and Consulting can help you achieve an appropriate level of reimbursement that meets your budget.

Our team brings financial, clinical and administrative expertise together to provide ongoing solutions in every aspect of billing.

Our billing services include: coding off Flow charts, entering charges and receipts; pre-collection services; state-of-the-art electronic claims submissions; fast turnaround of funds; office and billing forms; statistical reporting; physician productivity tracking; annual coding review, monthly business review, contract vs paid claim analysis.

Practice Management Consulting


Neltner’s consulting efforts are enhanced by the fact that we are a full-service physician and hospital billing firm. Our consultation services begin by identifying the unique and specific needs of our clients followed by goal setting and appropriate measurable action plans.

While we cannot make guarantees, most of our clients generally realize a significant increase in reimbursements and/or receivable performance through our program.

Our consulting services range from creating a proactive audit plan to RVU/financial analysis, employee training and marketing services. We also offer services related to mergers, acquisitions, third-party negotiations, preparation of managed care contracts, medical practice start-up consulting and joint venture/expansion services.


iStock_000012252258Medium stethascope sized_0Our consulting services include:

  • Audit compliance program
  • Documentation and coding training
  • Efficient integration of billing systems
  • Preparation for managed care contracts
  • Medical practice start-up consulting
  • Joint venture/expansion services
  • Physician-hospital relationship building/collaborating
  • Reporting methods to track referral patterns
  • Regulatory compliance programs and training
  • Employee training programs/seminars/webinars
  • Marketing services
  • Mergers, acquisitions and third-party negotiations