Neltner Prior Authorization Services

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    • Getting 100% of your authorizations BEFORE treatment is administered?
    • Experiencing costly delays and having to ask for retro-authorizations?
    • Able to smoothly and seamlessly navigate your problem payors?
    • Completing 100% of your authorizations?
    • Losing money because you don’t have a Prior Authorization on file?
    • Having your medical or office staff gather ANY insurance information?
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Treatment Authorizations are one of the biggest potential headaches for anyone trying to get paid by an insurance company. While it’s a general rule that you want to keep medical professionals off the phone in order to utilize their time efficiently, Authorizations can be very costly if not done correctly. So how do you minimize the risk and lower the cost while still setting the right foundation for reimbursement?

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Neltner Billing and Consulting has been in the billing business for almost 30 years. We have been obtaining authorizations for our clients throughout this tenure. We have developed a process that is:

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