Physician Sovereignty: Surrender of Constitutional Freedom?

forefathers_us constitution violation

Physicians who are considering joining with hospitals should consider a basic core principle of the constitution of the United States.  That is to surrender your hard-earned value to a hospital suggests you may be giving up a core element of your freedom.  Also you surrender a balance of power that is necessary to maintain a vigorous health care system.

If you want to learn more about this balance of power and how important it is to retaining your individual rights, read about the second principle of the Tea Party. Reference: The Tea Party: Three Principles, by Elizabeth Price Foley.It’s a simple process our founding fathers injected into the constitution to insure individual liberty.  If you surrender to the hospital as an employee in affect you are losing a part of your personal liberty to practice medicine in a way you believe is most beneficial to the patient.More on this subject to follow but think “physician sovereignty” as a consideration as you point your pen to the document that may surrender your personal liberty.

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