Solution to the Illegal Marshfield Clinic Audit Form

Become clear on whether or not your practice is crippling its income using a widely accepted form that, by definition, is illegal.  Protect yourself and your peers by claiming free resources to the right.  You will gain immediate access to:

    • Download the illegal forms so you can be on the lookout
    • Download Neltner’s form to see an example of what should be used
    • Download a color .pdf copy of Feb, 2012 MGMA article by Marty Neltner

woman thinking-resized-600-thumb_If you know or suspect that this form has been used in any practice, WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT! 

Not only can we help increase revenue, but we can collaborate to raise industry-wide awareness; which will result in change.  We are willing to give you resources in exchange for a chance to help.

Access your resources to the right!