Medical billing is an integral and important part of today’s healthcare industry. A person working in Medical billing is responsible for the submitting and keeping a track of the claims that lie with a health insurance company to receive the payment in return for services that a healthcare provider extends. Their task is to take up a healthcare service and transform it into a billing claim. A medical billing representative in a healthcare firm looks to ensure that a medical practice and service gets the proper remuneration for their job. They also possess the knowledge which is necessary for optimization of revenue performance in the same practice.

Are Medical Coding and Medical Billing the same thing?

The easy answer is that they are not. A medical coder goes ahead and reviews the statements of the clinic and assigns the standard codes by means of HCPCS Level II, ICD-10-CM and CPT classification code system. However, a medical biller would process and then keep a track of the claims that a healthcare provider sends out to an insurance company in order to get the remuneration they need for their services. The two posts may be shared by the same person or the two could work closely for smooth functioning, but are not essentially having the same duties.

What does a Medical biller do and what does a Coder do?

Both the specialists have similar duties as they make it a point that all the revenue cycles of the medical firm they represent work effortlessly. The medical coder would assign the codes for services that are provided and he gets some codes from the documentation and medical records to do his job accurately and properly.

The size of the facility will decide the scale of duties that a medical biller has in store for him. There is constant communication between the healthcare professionals and billers and this gives them extra information. Apart from this, they must be thorough on how to read medical records and have an understanding of codes like the Medical Coder.

How much money does a Medical biller make?

The salary that a Medical biller stands to make will be a variable. It will depend on factors like the choice of workplace, where they live and the level of education, work and certificates they produce. Work experience is another deciding factor when it comes to their profession. In the USA, there was a survey by AAPC and which stated their annual income to be about $61000.

How can one become a Medical Biller?

There are flexible training programs offered by the AAPC to provide the qualifications for a medical biller. They provide all the information on latest trends in healthcare and the right way of claiming for reimbursements.