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Hr Consulting

The whole process of staffing depends on the HR and a consultant who a specialist in that line might help you do better things. 

It consulting

Information Technology is one of the most important factors in every business and that is the reason why a consultant will be highly useful if you have one. 


Business Consulting

Business, on the whole, includes a lot of factors and it is important that you have a business consultant all these things for you so that you can take care of the other core activities of the business. 


Technology Consultant

Your business should be technologically sound in order to survive in this heavily competitive world. a consultant is always updated and he knows the right way to take care of it. 


marketing consultant

Marketing is a huge platform. One should be aware of a lot of marketing factors in order to make his business survive in the market. That is why you need a technology consultant. 

Legal Consulting

Businesses, at times, might also need legal assistance and that is the reason as to why we provide legal assistance as well. We have some of the best legal consultants in town. 

welcome to neltner billing consulting group

Consulting is one of the toughest tasks in a business. Managing a business is not about taking care of a particular vertical. There is much more to it and that is the reason as to why we have created this platform that can help you get your consultancy done the easy way and make better profits. 

Latest News

Why You Should Always Hire A Competent Hartford Locksmith

Maybe you have repaired or replaced a faulty lock on your property. And, it seemed quite simple, right? Perhaps, you don’t see the need to hire to a professional locksmith Hartford CT. Well, you need to rethink your approach. Professional locksmiths do more than repairing and replacing locks. These are experienced experts that know how the security system of your vehicle or property functions. In addition to repairing or replacing your faulty lock, they can guide you on how to enhance the security of your property or vehicle.

Here are the major reasons to hire a competent locksmith:

Superior knowledge and training

A competent locksmith has undergone professional training and acquired crucial knowledge of different security systems. They know how different locks work and their prevalent problems. And, when it comes to cutting duplicate keys, trust a competent locksmith to cut it accurately. Additionally, a competent locksmith is knowledgeable about the latest lock and key technology. As such, they will guide you properly when it comes to selecting the lock system to install in your property and provide a solution to the problem of your security system regardless of how new it is.

Reliable and reputable services

A competent locksmith is in the locksmith industry to stay. As such, they want to establish themselves as the most reliable and reputable specialists that people call whenever they need locksmith assistance. That means you can call these experts any time including during holidays when you need their assistance. What’s more, competent locksmiths focus on ensuring satisfaction of their clients. They provide quality service whenever they get an opportunity to serve property and vehicle owners so that they can earn their trust.

Right tools

You are not a professional locksmith. Therefore, you don’t have the right tools to perform a locksmith task. However, a professional Hartford locksmith has invested in the right tools. That’s because installing, repairing, and replacing locks and security systems are their specialty. And, to deliver excellence in every locksmith project, they require the right tools. Thus, a competent locksmith in Suffolk County has the right tool for any job regardless of how complex it seems. Essentially, a professional locksmith has invested in tools that enable them to do any job quickly, smoothly, and professionally.

Professional advice

You have a security system in your property but, do you know how to maintain it? Or, do you know how to retrieve your car keys when you lock them inside your vehicle or what to do? Some people resort to breaking their car window to retrieve the keys. However, this is not the best way to approach the situation. A competent locksmith will guide you accordingly to ensure you don’t damage your vehicle or property in case of a lockout. They will also guide you on how to enhance security in your property.

Basically, these are some of the reasons to hire a competent locksmith whenever you need help with the security system of your property or vehicle. When you hire a professional locksmith, you get peace of mind knowing that your security system is in safe hands. What’s more, a competent locksmith will provide invaluable advice that you won’t get if you do the job yourself.

Top 4 Challenges Faced By Business Consultants

Consultancy services are not simple. It requires a lot of knowledge in a particular vertical, and that is the reason as to why we are making it a topic to speak today. Business Consulting goes to yet another level, we say this because business involves a lot of factors and business doesn’t depend on a single vertical. There are a lot of things that you have to take into consideration and multi-tasking is required. So here are some of the challenges that are faced by business consultants on a regular basis.

Both Profits and Losses are hard to manage:


It is great that you are making profits. But the problem is that when there are too much of profits, it will automatically push the work of the consultant. The clients are never happy with the profits that they are making and that is the reason as to why the consultants are expected to work more and make the deal better. On the other hand, a consultant is not permitted to let business make a loss. That is the reason why businesses hire consultants. So both profits and losses are going to make the consultant sick.


Consultants are expected to be at their best even when they expected to do a lot of task at the same time. Business consultancy is not about handling one particular vertical. There are a lot of things that a consultant will have to handle at the same time, and that is the reason as to why we are saying that multi-tasking can be a problem. You will have to manage both time and efficiency. The better your efficiency, the earlier you will complete the task.

Be dynamic to the changes:

We live in a society that is prone to a lot of changes. A consultant must be capable enough to change according to these changes and make the business better. If the consultant is not ready to change, it simply means he lacks the dynamism to understand the changing environment and that he cannot adapt to the changes. If he doesn’t change so will his consultancy. The ultimate people who suffer are the clients who relied on him. However, it is not always easy to adapt every single change that happens in the business environment. Sometimes they can be an absolute waste of time.

Face the competition:

Apart from managing the clients business and his competition, a consultant is expected to manage his competition as well. These days a lot of new consultancy businesses are coming in, and it is not possible to quietly skip this competition. Although with time and experience comes better goodwill, the more recent a firm is, the better is the technology that they use. This can definitely serve as a threat to the existing consultants.

Types Of Business Consultants Available In The Market

Business Consultancy is one of the much required services of the hour and it mandatory that business makes it a point to hire consultants who can help their businesses perform better and increase the profits that they make. However, business is not a single vertical, and it is important that you as a business person have certain things done when it comes to hiring a business consultant. There are different types of business consultants available in the market. So, to make sure that your business gets the right help it is important that you choose the right type of consultant. So here are the different types of consultants.

Management consultant:

Management consulting is a separate vertical by itself in the field of business. In fact, it is the most important part of every business, and that is why we always give it the first preference in any business. Management consultancy is also one of the toughest things to carry out in every business. This is because of the fact that in management is about everything that is involved in a business. It is all about planning, organising, staffing, controlling and directing. Management includes everything in business and gains a lot of priority.

Operations Consultant:


This type of consultancy takes only into account the operational activities of every business. This is also purely associated with the production and other profits making ventures of your business. The consultants here manage the efficiency and the effectiveness of the production team and see to that they make a lot if of profits. These consultants who take care of the personal activities of the business must also have a specialised skill set and knowledge about the field that they are working in. That’s what makes an operational consultant important.

Human Resource Consultant:

HR is a part of management but still has a serious role to play in the whole organisation. Also, it is important to note that the concept of staffing completely present here and that is the reason as to why we are in need of consultants who can clearly take care of this sector.

IT Consultant:

One need not have to tell you the importance of technology in today’s world. A business person can’t handle all of this single-handed. That’s probably the reason why people need consultants who can perform better in this field. Technology keeps changing every single day, and a consultant can keep better track of it and work it up for the business.

Marketing Consultant:

Marketing is one of the biggest concerns of every business management. This is because advertising oneself is not easy. This responsibility goes to yet another level when the marketing work is for business. The marketing strategies have to be convincing enough to get people to buy you. Also, it is based on this sector other departments like sales and purchase work.

What is Medical Billing?

Medical billing is an integral and important part of today’s healthcare industry. A person working in Medical billing is responsible for the submitting and keeping a track of the claims that lie with a health insurance company to receive the payment in return for services that a healthcare provider extends. Their task is to take up a healthcare service and transform it into a billing claim. A medical billing representative in a healthcare firm looks to ensure that a medical practice and service gets the proper remuneration for their job. They also possess the knowledge which is necessary for optimization of revenue performance in the same practice.

Are Medical Coding and Medical Billing the same thing?

The easy answer is that they are not. A medical coder goes ahead and reviews the statements of the clinic and assigns the standard codes by means of HCPCS Level II, ICD-10-CM and CPT classification code system. However, a medical biller would process and then keep a track of the claims that a healthcare provider sends out to an insurance company in order to get the remuneration they need for their services. The two posts may be shared by the same person or the two could work closely for smooth functioning, but are not essentially having the same duties.

What does a Medical biller do and what does a Coder do?

Both the specialists have similar duties as they make it a point that all the revenue cycles of the medical firm they represent work effortlessly. The medical coder would assign the codes for services that are provided and he gets some codes from the documentation and medical records to do his job accurately and properly.

The size of the facility will decide the scale of duties that a medical biller has in store for him. There is constant communication between the healthcare professionals and billers and this gives them extra information. Apart from this, they must be thorough on how to read medical records and have an understanding of codes like the Medical Coder.

How much money does a Medical biller make?

The salary that a Medical biller stands to make will be a variable. It will depend on factors like the choice of workplace, where they live and the level of education, work and certificates they produce. Work experience is another deciding factor when it comes to their profession. In the USA, there was a survey by AAPC and which stated their annual income to be about $61000.

How can one become a Medical Biller?

There are flexible training programs offered by the AAPC to provide the qualifications for a medical biller. They provide all the information on latest trends in healthcare and the right way of claiming for reimbursements.

What does a Medical Consultant do?

Every major healthcare provider irrespective of where they are based in would require medical consultants. These are the professionals who take care of the practice on the business front in order to let the doctor have undivided attention in the treatment of patients. In a way, it can be said that a medical consultant contributes in order to help the physician perform to the highest of their abilities and take care of the complex business-related issues they might encounter. There are various schools which offer degrees that are required for people to practice as a medical consultant.

What would be your job?

The main know-how that a doctor has to have is in the healthcare front which puts them in a position of requiring help on the business side of things which are involved when you run a healthcare facility. If you’ve secured a job as a medical consultant, you become the guy that helps healthcare professionals and firms to make financial decisions which help them operate smoothly as far as business is concerned. You need to help them out by advising them on company matters which range from salary, budget, advertisements, and staff. You might also find yourself advising for regulation problems which could be insurance plans and compliance with safety, confidentiality clauses, lawsuits and management of hazardous waste. Medical Consultants could be of assistance for firms who are just starting out and also for those firms who wish to give themselves a facelift. So, you would be extending your services accordingly as may be required in such cases. There might be times when you supply clients with legislative help and contacts on the business front which are all required fields to fill when looking to make it big as a healthcare company.

What should you know?

Medical consultants might be compared occupation wise to health service managers and technicians as well as medical health managers. There is not much training on the job required but there are firms who look to hire those applicants who have set foot and have some experience in specialized healthcare and administration grounds. All the necessary licenses are required in order to be hired as well as a HIPAA training which helps them to take care of medical records which might be a bit sensitive. Some important skills that are required are analytical and problem resolving skills, a certain level of aptitude in technicalities and good communication abilities.

Where to work?

You might choose to freelance and work as a self-employed consultant or could try and get into companies which require consultation services. There are variations in size and structure of such firms and it would be up to you to choose if you intend to work with a bigger company or one which is just starting out.

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